Update from 30.04.2018
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fox: "We won't feel pressure"

We had a quick chat with Ricardo "fox" Pacheco ahead of Team Kinguin's highly-anticipated first official match.

Team Kinguin will make their first official appearance tonight as they will meet Danish side undefined at 21:00 in the first round of matches in StarSeries XIII's group stage.

Rarely before has an online Counter-Strike match garnered such interest, but many in the community are anxious to see this new all-star roster in action. Kinguin, too, have high hopes for the team, whom they have tied down to contract that, in the words of Mikail "Maikelele" Bill, may well be the best in the business.


fox believes that pressure will not get to the players (photo hltv.org)


But despite all the hype surrounding the team, Ricardo "fox" Pacheco insists that the players are not affected by pressure and will approach tonight's match in the same manner as any other game they have played before in their careers.


"The atmosphere in the team is great, it could not be better," he told HLTV.org. "I do not think we are nervous at all, we are all very experienced players.


"I agree that everyone is waiting to see us play, this is a new team, with a roster that is not very common, but we will not feel any pressure."


With players from four different countries, Kinguin will have to use the English language to communicate. While many believe that this will be a hard obstacle to overcome, Pacheco says that the players are communicating with each other effectively.


"We all thought that our communication would actually be a lot worse than it is now," he insists.


"There are still some flaws, which is normal, but day after day we are getting better.


"Our practice matches have been going very well, a lot better than we all expected, I believe. We cannot yet face the best teams in the world head-on.


"All in due time".


Both Pacheco and Bill are widely regarded as skilled AWPers and filled the role of sniper on their previous teams. Questioned about which of the two players would use the big green, the Portuguese veteran was cryptic. 


"We will both AWP," he said. "There will be specific ingame situations for us to use this weapon. 


"We get along really well and we make each other's life easy."



Last week, Kinguin hired Danniél "dalito" Morales, a former player of Refuse and Lemondogs, to coach and manage the team, andPacheco believes that the move has so far proved invaluable.


"I am quite surprised by him in terms of everything he has done for our team," Pacheco revealed.


"He is doing a lot for us."


Source: HLTV.org