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Fragbite Masters groups completed

The final four teams for this season's group stage of the Fragbite Masters are now confirmed and set in place.

With the first stage of the picking draft for the Fragbite Masters Season 4 playing out last week, an additional four teams remained to be chosen for their respective groups by group leaders fnatic, EnVyUs, and TSM.

Czechoslovakian nEophyte and Danish CPLAY had already qualified from the first qualifier and were left waiting on the results of the second for all four teams to be in place.


Nico's dignitas qualify for the regular season of Fragbite Masters (photo


The second qualifier played out between April 20-22 and one of the teams to qualify were the Danes of dignitas, who defeated the Portuguese outfit Panthers 2-0 to secure their place in the regular season.

The second team to qualify meanwhile raised some eyebrows as to its diverse composition. Comprising three Finns, one Turk and a Slovak, the team nerdRage took down the Estonians of OnBots 2-1to qualify.

With all four teams being ready, the final group draft took placeand went down as so:


  • fnatic picks nerdRage
  • EnVyUs picks nEophyte
  • picks CPLAY
  • TSM are left with dignitas


Therefore, the final groups for the Fragbite Masters Season 4 groups appear as such:


Group A Group B Group C Group D
 TSM  EnVyUs  fnatic
 PENTA  LGB  HellRaisers  k1ck
 Natus Vincere  FlipSid3  Titan  mousesports
 dignitas  nEophyte  CPLAY  nerdRage


Group A play will start this coming week on Tuesday, April the 28th.