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ESports Game Show project with the support of Hitbox happy to announce the start of the second season of Game Show League.


After spending the first season, we have gained valuable experience, which led us to some changes in the second. The first and most important change - the entire second season will be only online. The number of participating teams was to expand up to sixteen. Twelve teams will receive a direct invitation and 4 will be selected by online qualifications, which will be held on the site GSL.TV. The prize fund remains unchanged at $ 30,000.


The system of the tournament was also little changed. At first, we divide the 16 teams into 4 groups, where each team will play two games against each team in their group. According to the results of the group stage two best teams from each group will be in the final stage, which will be played on the double elimination. Finalny list of participants will be announced as soon as we finish negotiations with the participation of teams. The main part of the league will begin on February 16. In Russian all the matches will be covered by the studio Game Show, as well as special guests .. Detailed information about the commentators in English, German, French and other languages appear at the end of January.