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GPlay win RGN EU Intercontinental II

The Bulgarian outfit take home $2,000 and first place in the European edition of RGN's Intercontinental II series, defeating the Spaniards of Atlantis 2-0.


The European winners of the RGN Intercontinental II are to be GPlay after the Bulgarians managed to breeze past Atlantis in the grand final with only one best-of-three series requiring play. GPlay are the second champions of the Intercontinental II after Liquid won the North American edition.



v1c7oR's GPlay deliver with a first place finish photo



GPlay have been extremely prominent in many tournaments as of late, as the Bulgarian squad took home a gold medal at thexfunction Masters II, brought Titan to a three map series andfinished third at Gamers Assembly and are also concurrently taking part in the Balkan SuperLeague.


The grand final itself saw GPlay facing off against Atlantis, who themselves reached the grand final by triumphing over fellow countrymen x6tence in a three-map series.


Despite Atlantis' strong rise to the grand final however, the Spanish team ultimately sank back down into the depths versus a Bulgarian onslaught that saw de_inferno edged out at 16:14 for GPlay, with a lacklustre Spanish CT-defense sealing de_mirage 16:9 against them.


The ultimate prize-pool breakdown for the RGN Intercontinental II in Europe is therefore:


1.  GPlay - $2,000
2.  Atlantis - $1,000
3.  x6tence - $500


The ensuing results at the RGN Intercontinental II mean that GPlay and Atlantis automatically qualify for the upcoming RGN Pro Series, whereas x6tence joins the list of teams who will fight for a place in the upcoming qualifiers.