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Groups for Asian Cologne qualifier

The group draw has been made for the Asian offline qualifier for ESL One Cologne, in Malaysia.

The eCurve shopping mall, located in Kuala Lumpur, will play host this weekend to the Asian qualifier for ESL One Cologne, where eight teams will duke it out for two spot at the upcoming major.

The tournament will kick off with a best-of-one, double-elimination group stage, with the top two sides from each group advancing to the best-of-three semi-finals.


Renegades will face QeeYou in the group stage (photo


Renegades, who secured a top-eight finish at ESWC, have been paired alongside Chinese team QeeYou, who were also in Montreal at the weekend, MVP.Karnal and NeckBreak. The other Australian side at the event, Immunity, will have to face SkyRed, myRevenge and TheMongolz.

Below you can find the group draw in full:

Group A Group B
 Immunity  Renegades
 SkyRed  QeeYou
 myRevenge  MVP.Karnal
 TheMongolz  NeckBreak