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Groups for ESL SEE Season 1

Here are the groups for today's kickoff of ESL's South East Europe Championship Season 1.


A total of 13 qualifiers were held to put together all 16 teams taking part in the South East Europe Championship, which will hand out $2,200.


Even though one season of the SEE Championship already took place, this is the first with an offline finals, which will be held during the East European Comic Con in Bucharest on May 9-10.


Group A Group B
 Wrecking  Space Soldiers
 iNation  DIONAPPA
 We Make The Future  KnockOutStars
Group C Group D
 neXtPlease!  EasyPeasy
 ROCK  Delinquent Habits
 MASSACRE-ZONE  Hard 2 Believe


Two teams advance from each group into online playoffs, which will determine three teams going to the offline finals, while the last slot will go to a wild card team from the hosting country, Romania.


ESL South East Europe Championship Season 1 kicks off today with the first matches, all of which you will be able to follow thanks to the hot matches section on's front page.