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Invite list for DH Tours completed

DreamHack has announced that Titan, fnatic and dignitas have been invited to attend the upcoming Open event in Tours.


DreamHack's 2015 Open circuit will kick off with the event in Tours. France, from May 8-10, with eight CS:GO teams duking it out for the bulk of the tournament's $40,000 prize fund.


Four seeded teams will be joined by the two finalists of the BYOC qualifier, to be held on the first day of the event, and by two sides coming from the online qualifiers, which are hosted by FACEIT.


Titan to attend DH Open Tours photo



After previously announcing EnVyUs as the first team to receive an invite to the tournament, DreamHack has now unveiled that Titan, fnatic and dignitas have also been handed seeds and will thus skip the qualifying stages.


The list of participants for DH Open Tours currently looks as follows:


 EnVyUs  Titan
 fnatic  dignitas