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Invites for fragbite Masters Season 4

Fragbite have revealed all twelve invites for the fourth season of fragbite Masters powered by Com Hem, which will hand out 585,000 SEK (~$67,700) in total.

Fourth season of fragbite Masters will see sixteen teams, twelve of which have now been invited, while four will come from two separate qualifiers, battling for a total of 585,000 SEK.

500,000 SEK out of that will be the prizepot, 60,000 is to be divided between the finalists as travel support, while 25,000 will go into the hands of the winner of Com Hem Play of the Day, once again.


JW's fnatic are the reigning champions of fragbite Masters photo


The list of invitees includes most top teams, only one team outside of the current top six is missing, which is NiP, who failed to qualify for last season's finals after losing to dignitas (now TSM) in the upper quarter-finals, and fnatic in the lower bracket.

Apart from the biggest of names, PENTA, LGB, mousesports, FlipSid3 and k1ck can be seen on the list as well, which you can see in full below:


 fnatic  EnVyUs  TSM
 Titan  PENTA  FlipSid3  Natus Vincere
 HellRaisers  k1ck  LGB  mousesports
 Qualifier #1  Qualifier #1  Qualifier #2  Qualifier #2


Interestingly enough, fragbite have decided to go with a rather unconventional group system, which will see the four seeded teams, fnatic, EnVyUs, and TSM take turns on choosing teams for their respective groups.

According to fragbite, the first qualifier is only six days away, although no further information has been released on the matter yet. will inform you once more details are announced by the organizers.