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J0hnny returns to myKPV

myKPV have announced that Marcus "J0hnny" Gabriel has been brought in for the remainder of the ESL Spring season.

The German team were recently in attendance at Copenhagen Games, where they came through the qualifying stages before finishing third in their group, behind and

After moving past FUGL? in the first round of the Lower Bracket, the team then fell short against Space Soldiers and had to settle for a 17th-24th place finish.


zyh released by myKPV  photo


myKPV have now shown Alexander "zyh" Jensen the exit door, citing personal differences with the Danish AWPer, who had been brought in at the start of the year.

His replacement comes in the form of Marcus "J0hnny" Gabriel, who makes a return to myKPV after leaving the team in January. He has been teamless ever since, even though he was for a while mooted as a possible reinforcement for mousesports, for whom he played some online matches.


"Unfortunately, we have to part ways with our Danish AWPer, zyh," Robin "ScrunK" Röpke told

"Due to different views about our playing style, we feel compelled to take this step.

"We will play with J0hnny until the end of the EPS Spring group stage. We hope to qualify for the finals again."

 myKPV have been paired with KILLERFISH, BLUEJAYS and PENTA Sports in the EPS Spring group stage, which will be played from April 12-13.


The German team now have:

 Robin "ScrunK" Röpke
 Franz-Otto "oddo" Geiger
 Süleyman "suelo" Heiden 
 Peter "Inzta" Kragelund
 Marcus "J0hnny" Gabriel


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