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k1ck lose team to AlienTech

AlienTech have announced that they have completed the signing of k1ck's CS:GO team.


The news comes just days after the Portuguese team lost their most influential player, Ricardo "fox" Pacheco, who has been linked with an international roster currently in the making that also involves Mikail "Maikelele" Bill, Håvard "rain" Nygaard, Adil "ScreaM" Benrlitom and Alexander "SKYTTEN" Carlsson.

To replace the Portuguese star, the team brought in ex-madjicK member João "portelito" Portela, who is widely regarded as one of the rising talents in the country. He has so far been able to live up to the billing with good performances against international opposition.


mUttt's team join AlienTech (photo


The team have, however, decided to part ways with k1ck and join the ranks of AlienTech, for which they will play under the name of AlienTech.Black to distinguish this roster from the other lineup that is supported by the organisation, which will go by the name of AlienTech.Blue.


"AlienTech has always been interested in supporting the best national players, so signing five new players will only strengthen us, both nationally and internationally," a statement from AlienTech read.


"Right now, AlienTech have the two strongest national teams if you look at results since 2014. We strongly believe in our project as an organisation, we are always trying to contribute to the growth of our scene and we will not stop here.


"With this move, AlienTech are much closer to taking national gaming to the next level."


AlienTech.Black, who will take part in ESEA Season 19 Premier, have the following roster:

 Christopher "mUttt" Fernandes
 Joao "KillDreaM" Ferreira
 Ricardo "rmn" Oliveira
 Ricardo "AIm" Almeida
 João "portelito" Portela

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