Update from 30.04.2018
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k1ck reveal new team

k1ck eSports Club have announced on their official website that they have secured the services of the former Panthers CS:GO squad.


Earlier in the month, k1ck saw themselves without a CS:GO team for the first time in many years after their players migrated to AlienTech. The move came on the heels of the departure of star player Ricardo "fox" Pacheco, who embarked on a new adventure by joining Team Kinguin, an international lineup assembled by Adil "ScreaM" Benrlitom and Mikail "Maikelele" Bill.

k1ck have now started a new chapter by raiding Panthers for their CS:GO team, who won the xfunction Challenger last weekend, in Penafiel, after beating k1ck's academy squad 3-1 in the title decider.

The Portuguese team are currently competing in CEVO Main, in which they sit 14th in the table on a 3-2 record after defeating TRICKED eSport, ESC Gaming and highgrade.


"Having your dedication and effort awarded is always a great thing," Ricardo "zlynx" Matos said in a statement.


"We have the perfect notion that we have hard work ahead of us and a lot to learn, but this is a great opportunity that will provide us everything we need so we can achieve our goals.


"I would like to thank everybody that helped us get here (really nice people) and also K1ck for taking a chance with our team."


k1ck's CS:GO division consists of:

 Tiago "JUST" Moura
 Ricardo "zlynx" Matos
 Luís "ZELIN" Lousada
 Ricardo "defaulTt" Cardoso
 Luis "zpr" Marques 


Source: HLTV.org