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Katowice viewer peak at ~1.1 million

Both concurrent viewers and players records have been broken, as around 1.1 million viewers tuned in for the grand final between NiP and fnatic, while around 600,000 players were connected in-game at one point.

Even though the game itself claimed the last rounds of the grand final passed 1,000,000 concurrent viewers tuning into the GOTV and all streams combined, after disposing of the multi-accounts, the number decreased to 980,581.

We could get closer to the magical number if we counted in all spectators watching the match inside the Spodek arena, but that still wouldn't have been enough to pass the million, as around 10,000 people fit inside to watch the grand final.

                                             Twitch streams and GOTV combined for 980,581


The reality is a little more different though, as two significant Chinese streams weren't included, both of which recorded over 50,000 viewers. That means the record definitely passed the million and possibly got very close to 1,100,000, although we do not have the exact number.

The screenshot below shows the numbers of viewers on streams of two former TyLoo members, Bingyuan "tb" Li on the left andZhengwei "alex" Bian on the right, both of which broadcasted the match on different Chinese platforms.

Former TyLoo players, tb and alex, tipped the scales a little moreFormer TyLoo players, tb and alex, tipped the scales a little more 


Unlike BianLi's screenshot was not taken throughout the last map though, so we're short of exact numbers at the same point in time, but we can assume the numbers haven't declined significantly before the final was over.

While different sites disagree on what the concurrent players' record is - as SteamDB claims it is standing at 604,852 and SteamCharts' number is at 595,439 - it has definitely been broken by more than 130,000.

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