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Kinguin release dalito

Team Kinguin have announced that they have parted ways with coach Danniel "Dalito" Morales due to his VAC ban.

Formerly a player in teams like Lemondogs and AliGon, Danniél "dalito" Morales had recently embraced a career as manager and coach of Team Kinguin, the international roster assembled byMikail "Maikelele" Bill and Adil "ScreaM" Benrlitom in May.

Since then, he had continuously been linked with a Steam accountthat was banned on May 27 of 2014, roughly a month after he attended Copenhagen Games with Lemondogs, where he played alongside Joel "emilio" Mako, who would also be banned later that year.


dalito has been released by Kinguin (photo


James Lampkin, senior manager at ESL, recently told the Daily Dotthat players who are suspended from all Valve-sponsored events are also prohibited from assisting teams during the majors, which includes coaching them on site. This means, even if Kinguin qualified for ESL One Cologne, Morales would not be able to coach the team and instruct the players in between rounds.

And after coming across reports of Morales's VAC ban, Kinguin have decided to part ways with the Swedish coach as they do not want to be associated with cheating.


"We've all watched the scene develop over time and as the majors have piled up, the accusations of unfair play and cheating have risen," a statement from Kinguin read.


"It's a no-debate issue for everyone in the team: Proven cheaters will never be welcome here.


"With the news of Dalito's VAC ban, it should come as no shock to those who know us that Dalito will be released from the Team Kinguin colours effective immediately."


The news comes as a huge blow to Kinguin, especially considering that Morales had just started acting as an ingame leader for the team, following Alexander "SKYTTEN" Carlsson's departure. In his first match in the role, Kinguin beat 2-1 at the FACEIT League 2015 Stage 2 finals, thumping the Polish giants 16-0 on de_cache.

Kinguin are currently bootcamping in Madrid ahead of this weekend's offline qualifier for ESL One Cologne. The team's first match in Germany will see them take on PENTA Sports, on Saturday.

Meanwhile, Kinguin stated that they are on the lookout for a replacement for Morales, who is expected to be revealed only after the qualifier for the major.