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Liquid win RGN NA Intercontinental II

While much of the day's evening action here in North America was centered around the CEVO-P Season 6 finals, North American contender Liquid secured themselves a first place victory in the RGN Intercontinental II series as well.

In a world of no work weeks, Liquid very well may have qualified for the CEVO-P Season 6 finals that took place this week, however the team were forced to forfeit their remaining matches due to scheduling issues with the offline finals.

Regardless, Eric "adreN" Hoag and his men stayed busy and competitive today by winning the online RGN Intercontinental II series in North America, netting a healthy $2,000 prize as well as an invite to the RGN Pro Series in North America (for which dates are upcoming).


adreN and his men snatch a check from the Intercontinental II photo


Liquid made it through to the grand finals as favourites, and ultimately found themselves facing off against Fenix Fire, an up-and-coming squad that many in the North American scene have had their eye on as of late.

However, the difference in tiers between Liquid, who competed at the ESL One Katowice Main Qualifiers and MLG X Games Aspen, and Fenix Fire was noticeable in the series.

Despite putting up a solid fight, Fenix looked unlikely to take the series to a second best-of-three and ultimately expired, giving Liquid the win with scores of 16:7 on de_mirage and 16:9 on de_cache.


The final standings and prize-pool breakdown are as follows:

1.  Liquid - $2,000
2.  Fenix Fire - $1,000
3.  SYNRGY - $500 

Intercontinental II play is not yet over as the Spaniards of Atlantis are scheduled to face-off against Gplay in the grand final of the European contingent; the game will be added to hot matches as soon as info is available.