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London Conspiracy unveil new team

London Conspiracy have made another foray into competitive Counter-Strike by signing a Norwegian team.

The UK-based organisation had been without a male CS:GO team since December, when the Norwegian roster led by Ruben "RUBINO" Villarroel signed for LGB eSports.

LondonC have now continued their policy of signing Norwegian talent by signing a brand new team that on paper has the raw skill to challenge LGB for supremacy in the country.


SkurK to represent London Conspiracy again (photo


Markus "maak" Karlsen and Bjoern "Skurk" Maaren are no strangers to London Conspiracy, having been part of the organisation's first Norwegian team.

They will be joined by two other well-known figures in the scene, former LGB duo Sebastian "ensa" Aas and Kristoffer "Mystic" Michelsen, as well as by Fredrik "slap" Junbrant, apromising Swedish talent who raised eyebrows in Team Acer.


"We are very pleased with finally being able to announce that we have signed with London Conspiracy!," team manager Aleksander "phreako" Prøis said.


"Since we started our search for a new home, we've received a few offers, but when LC reached out it was the natural choice for us.


"Both myself and Skurk knew the organisation and the people behind it, which makes us really comfortable that this is the correct choice for us.


"The cooperation with LC will now make sure we will be able to attend offline events all across Europe.


"We are confident that with the support of LC, we will be a team to watch out for in upcoming tournaments both online and offline!"


London Conspiracy's new CS:GO team consist of:

 Markus "maak" Karlsen
 Bjoern "Skurk" Maaren
 Sebastian "ensa" Aas
 Kristoffer "Mystic" Michelsen
 Fredrik "slap" Junbrant 

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