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Method seek coach

Method, who are currently competing in the North American ESL ESEA Pro League and the CEVO Professional division, are looking for a coach to improve their gameplan.


Method, a German-based organisation, entered the CS:GO arena when they signed the ex-Fenix Fire quintet early in May. The team had been impressing in its performance across a variety of online cups in North America, as well as putting in an appearance at ClutchCon.

As outlined in 2014, coaching in CS:GO is seen as the latest requirement for teams looking to compete at the highest level, and a wide variety of teams have added tactical coaches to their line-ups this year.


Method seek a CS:GO coach (photo courtesy of CEVO


Method have made an impressive account of themself as a team in CEVO-P Season 7, with two wins and five ties, however the team have notably struggled in the ESL ESEA Pro League, with the threat of the team losing its spot to Premier-division competitors still up in the air.

As a result, the latest round of job opportunities at the organisation includes a position for a CS:GO coach, which will include "experience in playing or coaching CS:GO on a professional level" and the ability "to provide real time strategic input during matches both online and offline," among other things.