Update from 30.04.2018
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Method win RGN Spring Classic

Method have won the spring edition of RGN's online seasonal tournament for North America, defeating Tempo Gaming in a best-of-three: 8-16 on de_overpass, 22-20 on de_mirage and 16-9 on de_inferno.


RGN's last seasonal tournament for North America was the Winter Classic, which the eventual CLG roster won in early December.

The spring season's classic meanwhile saw an increased prize-pot and number of teams—96 total—competing in a double elimination bracket to be crowned winners.

Method, the only team to also currently play in the prestigious ESL ESEA Pro League, were considered favourites to win and for the most part they comfortably cruised to a spot in the grand final, dropping one map only to LunatiK in the upper semis.

LunatiK, who play in the Premier division of ESL & ESEA's new partnership league and who also compete in CEVO-P Season 7, were challenged in turn by Tempo Gaming in the lower bracket, another North American Premier team.

Tempo trumped LunatiK in the lower bracket final and thereby advanced to the grand final where they would have to win two best-of-threes in order to secure first place over Method.


Method break their RGN curse of second placings (photo courtesy of CEVO


Tempo already stirred the waters by taking the first map, de_overpass, off of Method with a score of 16-8. The next map originally looked like a Method steamroll with the team getting fourteen round-wins on their CT side of de_mirage, however it was only two overtimes later and after a lot of intertia that Method ground out the win at 22-20.

Regardless, the favourites finally buckled down on de_inferno, winning 16-9, and took the map, the series and first place.

Method's victory breaks something of a curse for the team, as they have finished second place in the past three RGN events in North America: in both Intercontinentals and in the New Years Open.


The tournament's prize-pool distribution and final standings are:

1.  Method - $900
2.  Tempo Gaming - $500
3.  LunatiK - $200 


The next RGN event to hit North America's shores is the NA Pro Series qualifier, for which registration and a bracket draw are already underway.


Source: HLTV.org