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mouz win ESL FM Germany 2015

mousesports have won the ESL Spring Championship, known in German as the "Frühlingsmeisterschaft," by defeating KILLERFISH 2-1 in the grand finals.


The ESL FM German 2015 series saw several online cups take place to determine finalists for the Spring Championship. After five cups in total, the top eight teams moved on to the group stages of the ESL Frühlingsmeisterschaft.

However, it was only the top four teams that qualified for the offline showdown in Duisburg, Germany that fought it out in a single elimination bracket this weekend.


The grand final saw a spectacular performance from NiKo (photo


After mouz cruised past and KILLERFISH took down Playing Ducks, the two teams met in the grand final to decide a German regional champion.

Despite the first two maps, de_dust2 and de_mirage, going to 16:14 scorelines with each map going to one of the teams, de_inferno finally saw mousesports stomp out their rivals 16:3. 

In the series, Nikola "NiKo" Kovač in particular dropped a huge amount of kills, accomplishing a 1.54 rating. As a result, mousesports walk away with 4,000 Euros (~$4,480).


The final prize-pool breakdown is:


1.  mousesports - €4,000 Euros (~$4,480)
2.  KILLERFISH - €2,000 Euros (~$2,240) 
3-4. -  €750 Euros (~$840)
3-4.  Playing Ducks -  €750 Euros (~840)