Update from 30.04.2018
Ru Ru

n0thing on Joe Rogan's podcas

The Cloud9 member took part in a podcast called The Joe Rogan Experience, hosted by the eponymous Joe Rogan, discussing esports, Counter-Strike and various other topics.


What originated as a Twitter discussion eventually became reality as Jordan "n0thing" Gilbert made an appearance on Joe Rogan's podcast, known as the The Joe Rogan ExperienceRogan is most famously known as the host of Fear Factor and as a commentator for UFC fights.


n0thing appeared live on Joe Rogan's podcast (photo hltv.org)



In the podcast, which can be found embedded below, Gilbert and Rogan discuss miscellaneous topics such as streaming on Twitch as a profession, the evolution of esports since Rogan's days playing Quake and what the daily life of a professional CS:GO player looks like.

Rogan appears particularly interested in the evolution of Twitch as a legitimate source of income for entertainers and a good part of the video is spent with Gilbert showing him the ropes of the platform.


Video of podcast:



Source: HLTV.org