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Na`Vi win ESWC 2015 over Cloud9

Natus Vincere are the ESWC champions after edging Cloud9 2-1 (16-3 de_inferno, 14-16 de_dust2, 16-14 de_overpass) for the $30,000 first-place prize.

The grand final's first map was Na`Vi's de_inferno, and they started delivering from the start. A pistol round went into a won gunround as Tyler "Skadoodle" Latham was forced to save his AWP. 

That helped Cloud9 get on the board at 4-1 as they took over banana quickly, but Danylo "Zeus" Teslenko's triple defending a last-second B bombsite push set them back again and Na`Vi capitalized in the following couple of gunrounds as well.

Despite a costly eco Cloud9 were unable to get more than one round until the twelfth, when Mike "shroud" Grzesiek got a triple in an unfavorable retake situation on the B bombsite for 10-2.

Nothing more came of their Terrorist side though as Ladislav "GuardiaN" Kovács continued to pick them off around mid, and with a second pistol round going Na`Vi's way, the ex-CIS team closed de_inferno at 16-3.


 Natus Vincere are the ESWC champions (photo


Despite winning the pistol on de_dust2 as Terrorists, Cloud9 were unable to survive Na`Vi's scout forcebuy despite a good start in the round. Na`Vi got up to 5-1 thanks to Kovács's agressive picks around the map before Latham shut him down on long for round two on Cloud9's part.

Following six rounds were split evenly, in one of Na`Vi's roundsDenis "seized" Kostin stepped up with an ace and a 1-on-2 on the B bombsite, while Sean "[email protected]" Gares won a 1-on-1 clutch on A for a 5-10 halftime score.

Jordan "n0thing" Gilbert's quad-kill pushed Na`Vi back to a two-round lead before they won the rotation game after initial picks on each side. Latham's six kills in the next three rounds pushed Cloud9 to their second lead in the game at 12-11 before Natus Vincere closed a 2-on-2 out in their favor to even it out again.

Latham continued defending well on the A site with another triple, forcing Na`Vi on their signature double-AK buy, which didn't work out. Egor "flamie" Vasilyev scored a quad of his own to level the score at 14-14, but Cloud9 were able to pick up both remaining rounds for map two win to take it to de_overpass.

Cloud9 were the ones to take the lead there once again, this time 5-0 with a quick B push in the first gunround and a five-man walk push from long, catching Natus Vincere off guard.


n0thing has been showing sparks of his late-1.6 form lately (photo


Na`Vi responded with one, but Gilbert's triple in another long-walk strategy broke them again for 7-1 for Cloud9 as Terrorists. After getting a good map control, Teslenko and company took four in a row, two of which were due to individual play from Vasilyev andIoann "Edward" Sukhariev.

Gilbert then won a 1-on-2 to break the five-round streak on their opponents, but Kovács's triple in the following round on the A bombsite broke Cloud9's economy, for a 7-8 halftime score.

Yet again Gilbert with amazing play in the second pistol round was what made the difference, only for Na`Vi to reply with the following anti-eco in a A-bombsite smoke-off strategy. Two rounds were split between the teams, but Vasilyev's quad-kill got Na`Vi their first lead in the final map as Grzesiek continued to struggle with the entry duels.

A triple from Gilbert, who put on a great show already, in Cloud9's P250 buy hurt Na`Vi's economy, and Latham's triple in a 3-on-3 leveled the score again at 13-13. A last-minute A bombsite push worked out for Na`Vi, and Kostin's heroics in a 3-on-5 on B put them on match point. 

One more highlight from Gilbert on the B bombsite looked like that did it to take the game to overtime, as in the last round of relegation, Cloud9 were up 4-on-2 at one point, if it wasn't forVasilyev and his clutch triple to grab the title at ESWC 2015 at 16-14.


ESWC 2015 Final standings:

1.  Natus Vincere - $30,000
2.  Cloud9 - $15,000
3-4.  FlipSid3 - $8,000
3-4.  EnVyUs - $8,000
5-8.  Liquid - $3,500
5-8.  Renegades - $3,500
5-8.  NiP - $3,500
5-8.  SK Gaming - $3,500
9-12.  Keyd Stars
9-12.  QeeYou
9-12.  Titan
9-12.  CLG
13-16.  Boreal
13-16.  LDLC White
13-16.  Luminosity
13-16.  Bravado