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nEophyte.FU add oskar, queztone

Following the departure of Martin "styko" Styk from nEophyte, Martin "giotive" Brumerčík was shown the exit door, making room for Tomáš "oskar" Šťastný and Richard "queztone" Strnátko.

Nearly a week ago, Martin "styko" Styk announced his departure from nEophyte following a disappointing run at Copenhagen Games, where the team ended at last place after losing to malefiQ in the first round of the lower bracket.

Tomáš "oskar" Šťastný was a strong candidate to replace him in the lineup, since he's been trying to find a team to play in and he played with Peter "uno" Lipowski in myDGB and eSuba back in 2013.


oskar comes back in a new nEophyte lineup photo


Today not only is Šťastný announced as Styk's replacement, Martin "giotive" Brumerčík was also replaced with Richard "queztone" Strnátko, who has shown glimpses of his talent before, notably at Prague Challenge (1.40 rating in 6 maps).

The new lineup will be playing under a new tag, nEph.FU after nEophyte and Ivan "Dev1" Lazarov's FU.SK joined forces to provide the players with better conditions, closer to the ones European teams have.

With that kind of backing behind them, the team are hoping to reach a goal most semi-professional teams have, to qualify for the next major.


"We're planning to play as much as possible in the coming months, as we'd like to attend every international league qualifiers, LANs etc. Our main goal is to qualify for the next major. Many people know that I don't like losing, and nobody from the team wants to lose." Šťastný told

"We will do our absolute maximum to come back to the myDGB/3DMAX era in Czech and Slovakia, to compete with world's top teams. I'm expecting a lot from nEophyte.FU, mainly a full support, so that we can play as good as possible and focus only on the game."



nEophyte.FU are consisted of:

 Peter "uno" Lipowski
 Tomáš "barb1" Hradek
 Patrik "zeRo" Žúdel
 Tomáš "oskar" Šťastný
 Richard "queztone" Strnátko

 Ivan "Dev1" Lazarov (coach)


nEophyte's debut with the new lineup should be the qualifier for DreamHack Open in Tours, France on May 9th-10th.