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New CS:GO update released

A CS:GO update, labelled version, has shipped and includes a fix for bugged crouched movement speed, a radar fix and a new case.

The new CS:GO update most notably fixes a bug that allowed crouched and scoped-in players to move exceedingly fast, specifically with the Scout. However, no mention was made of the preceived changed movement speed with the Scout when standing and running.

Additionally, a radar bug has been fixed on de_dust2 which gave the wrong name for a certain area of the map.

Finally, a new case has been added, which may be of use to item traders and skin collectors.

The changelog can be found below:


  • Fixed a bug that affected crouched movement speed.


  • Added the Chroma 2 Case.



  • Fixed a bug where a spot in Long A had the wrong radar name.










Chroma 2 Case skins:

AK-47 | Elite Build MP7 | Armor Core Desert Eagle | Bronze Deco
P250 | Valence Negev | Man-o'-War Sawed-Off | Origami
AWP | Worm God MAG-7 | Heat CZ75-Auto | Pole Position
UMP-45 | Grand Prix Five-SeveN | Monkey Business Galil AR | Eco
FAMAS | Djinn M4A1-S | Hyper Beast MAC-10 | Neon Rider