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Planetkey Dynamics release team

Planetkey Dynamics have decided against renewing the contracts of their CS:GO players, the German organisation has announced.

The decision comes as little surprise as the team had failed to reach the same heights of the previous Planetkey Dynamics squad, which won back-to-back EPS titles and also attended some international events, such as ESWC 2014 and DreamHack Winter that same year.

After losing four of their players, Planetkey Dynamics gaveDimitrios "stavros" Smoilis a vote of confidence by allowing him to start his own team from scratch alongside former /10/ team-mates Azmican "asmo" Berberoglu and Benjamin "qk-Mantis" Oberlein.

stavros & co out of Planetkey Dynamics photo


In mid-February, Planetkey Dynamics made headlines when they recruited Casper "cadiaN" Møller, but that did not stop the team from continuing its downward spiral.

In the EPS Spring Cups, the team was twice eliminated in the first round and thrice knocked out in the quarter-finals, results that have now spelled the end of their journey in Planetkey Dynamics.


"An unsuccessful season in CS:GO comes to an end with us saying goodbye to the team led by Dimitrios "Stavros" Smoilis," said Planetkey Dynamics director Till Werdermann. 

"We wish the players the best of luck. Regarding what we will do for next season, that is still being discussed, but we will keep you up to date."


Planetkey Dynamics had the following team: 

 Dimitrios "stavros" Smoilis
 Azmican "asmo" Berberoglu
 Benjamin "qk-Mantis" Oberlein
 Felix "fel1x" Zech 
 Casper "cadiaN" Møller

 Steffen "ste" Gronemann (backup)