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Planetkey Dynamics with new team

The German organisation has pooled together a new roster, including players from many prominent corners of the German scene as well as Counter-Strike 1.6 legend Manuel "Tixo" Makolh.


The Planetkey Dynamics organisation was last seen in April releasing its former team, whose members scattered across the German scene to other prospects or obscurity.

In order to put together a new roster, Planetkey Dynamics will be summoning several players out of an inactive stasis, such asAlexander "alexRr" Frisch, who has made previous claims of retirement.

However, the player that will undoubtedly raise the most eyebrows in his return to mainstream CS:GO is Manuel "Tixo" Makohl, known for a myriad of achievements in Counter-Strike 1.6 under illustrious mousesports, Alternate Attax and other lineups.


Tixo returns to CS:GO and joins PKD (photo


Makohl was already witnessed playing in German mix teams such as "unnamed" earlier this month and speculation that he would soon make a grander return have come to fruition.

The illustrated player came forward with a long statement for for the occasion, paraphrased here:


"Wow, finally back - an amazing feeling. First of all I want to thank all the people involved, who pushed me in any way to take this step. After almost 3 years of complete inactivity, I think it's amazing as I shall be adopted by the CS:GO community. The way how CS: GO has developed is great.


After a slightly bumpy start - yes CSGO is a little different than 1.6 - I have integrated well into the game and it's also huge amounts of fun. After some time in the team "unnamed" we had to finally admit that the deficits together as a team were just too big. 3 players in the team have never been active in CS:GO and rather than reinvent the wheel, we took the step to disband.


In my new team there are exclusively seasoned players with a lot of experience - in this sense, I would like to thank my team and Planetkey Dynamics for the confidence and opportunity to play Counter-Strike again at a high level. In the coming days I will turn into a small Spongebob and absorb everything from Niclas and my team and do my best to be as successful as possible. Thank you," Makohl said.


Another addition to the lineup is Niclas "enkay J" Krumhorn, who was last seen playing for PENTA before that team shuffled its entire roster. Joining these three players will be Florian "syrsoN" Rische, who was last seen subbing for PENTA on various occasions and last officially played for ALTERNATE in late 2014.

The fifth and final player is Tizian "tiziaN" Feldbusch, another established German player who has previously played for mousesports (and attended the EMS One Katowice 2014 major), ALTERNATE and, most recently, Playing Ducks.

Planetkey Dynamics' new lineup is:

 Niclas "enkay J" Krumhorn
 Florian "syrsoN" Rische
 Manuel "Tixo" Makohl
 Alexander "alexRr" Frisch
 Tizian "tiziaN" Feldbusch