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PLAYHARDGOPRO invited to GA 2015

Belarusian side PLAYHARDGOPRO have been handed the last invitation to Gamers Assembly's CS:GO tournament.

Copenhagen Games and insomnia 54 will certanly get most of the community's attention throughout the weekend, but in the French city of Poitiers there will also be a CS:GO tournament with quality teams and a big prize purse.

The 2015 edition of Gamers Assembly will see 12 teams duke it out for the bulk of the $20,000 prize fund, a record figure in the history of the French event.


PLAYHARDGOPRO on their way to Poitiers (photo 


After Titan and GPlay were handed the first two invitations to the tournament, many expected teams like EnVyUs and LDLC White to follow suit.

However, Gamers Assembly surprised everyone when it announced on its official website that the application process has been closed and that the third and last invitation has been handed to PLAYHARDGOPRO, a rather unknown Belarusian team featuring the following line-up:


 Roman "ROMJKE" Silnikov
 Aleksey "Aleksey V" Vazhnik
 Ivan "Cry" Kyrtski
 Pavel "Tiffany Twisted" Sharapa
 Heorhiy " FeecHy" Kashkin


The remaining nine spots in the tournament will be determined through the offline qualifier, in which the likes of LDLC White, LDLC Blue, We Got Game and unKnights will be taking part.