Update from 30.04.2018
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Property drop team

Property have announced that they have parted ways with their CS:GO team.


The news comes with little surprise as the Swedish team have been unable to reverse the downward spiral on which they have been for several weeks now. 

Rumours about the disbandment of the team had emerged on Saturday as Simon "twist" Eliasson, Mathias "pauf" Köhler and Erik "zende" Sundeqvist were seen playing for VingeN during the first open qualifier for DreamHack Summer. The team, who also featured Miran "Dumas" Matković and Benjamin "BENDJI" Söderena, gave a great account of themselves and secured a place in the closed qualifier after beating the likes of undefined, TRiCKED and INSHOCK.


Property release CS:GO team (photo hltv.org)


Property have now confirmed that they have cut all ties with the players, citing "the long line of poor results" as the reason for the move.


"Our recent form has been disappointing for everyone, both for our fans and ourselves," Mattias "pauf" Köhler said in a statement.


"We literally hit rock bottom and felt that something needed to happen. In long discussions with [Property manager] Viktor about different options we decided to split ways.


"We are still very grateful for everything Team Property have done for us, they stood behind us and believed in us even when we didn’t even do it ourselves.


"Thanks to all fans who have supported us, we will continue to play and hopefully come back stronger."


Meanwhile, Property stated that they will soon venture again into competitive Counter-Strike as they "remain commited to building a world class male team".


The following players are now free agents:


 André "berg" Kjellberg
 Simon "twist" Eliasson
 Erik "zende" Sundeqvist
 Andreas "schneider" Lindberg
 Mathias "pauf" Köhler


Source: HLTV.org