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pyth joins Luminosity, moves to NA

The Swedish talent Jacob "pyth" Mourujärvi will be making a leap across the seas, moving to Canada in order to play for the American organisation Luminosity, has learned.


Last week saw the ex-Orbit team disband which was then followed by a flurry of rumors that many of its ex-players had plans to join up with bigger organisations elsewhere. 

Jacob "pyth" Mourujärvi, whose name has by now long been a staple in the highest echelon of CS:GO, went on to indicate his disappointment with the disbandment and even hinted at his taking a "small break" from competitive play.

The twenty-one-year old Mourujärvi made a name for himself first in Markus "pronax" Wallsten's at DreamHack Summer 2013, where the team came a round away from toppling the then-unbeatable NiP. He went on to win DreamHack Valencia with Swedish n!faculty, place 5-8th at DreamHack Bucharest and also take 3rd place at MSI Beat It, in China with SK Gaming.

Much of the later half of 2014 was spent within Orbit, who picked up the UnWanted team core and supported them for over six months until recently. Notable achievements included a 5-6th place finish at Gfinity Spring Masters I and a 9-12th place finish at Copenhagen Games 2015.


pyth will transition from the Swedish scene to the North American one (photo


However, in a week where talk of the "NA Shuffle" andinternational teams is a nightly occurrence and source of intense speculation, it seems that Mourujärvi will now be making quite a substantial CS:GO journey of his own as he will be moving to Canada in order to play with Luminosity Gaming.

Luminosity were last seen competing offline at both the ESEA Season 18 Global Finals and the CEVO-P Season 6 finals; other than a strong effort versus Titan at the former event that saw Luminosity take de_cache to overtime, the team were ultimately unable to make an impact at these events. 

As of this news breaking, it is confirmed that Mourujärvi will be replacing Carey "frozt" Kertenian on the roster. The latter will however remain as a salaried palyer on the roster until his future is decided.

Both Mourujärvi and new teammate Todd "anger" Williams will as a result be moving to Canada to live together and focus on CS:GO fulltime.

The Luminosity organisation had this to say on the acquisition:


"We are incredibly excited to announce the addition of Swedish born Jacob "pyth" Mourujärvi to our North American CS:GO roster. We have long been an admirer of Jacob, and could not pass on the opportunity to bring such an exciting young talent on board. In what we believe is a first for NA CS:GO, Jacob will be moving from Sweden to Canada to live with new teammate Todd "anger" Williams to focus on CS:GO full time. He will be replacing frozt in the starting lineup. We would like to thank frozt for the time and sacrifices he made to help us prepare and compete for the ESEA & CEVO Lan Finals. He will remain an active member of the team until further notice." also asked Mourujärvi a few brief questions about his move:


What motivated you to make such an unprecedented venture, especially when the disbandment of Orbit saw you almost taking a break from the competitive scene?

pyth: "After Orbit disbanded I was really disappointed and wanted to try something new for my future, I received a lot of offers and I never really considered going to NA at first but after speaking with the team and organization I was convinced that this is something I really want to do, they are all really nice guys with the same goals and ambitions as me."


What do you hope to gain from playing in the North American scene? Likewise, what do you expect you will be able to bring to the table for Luminosity, specifically drawing from your existence in the European competitive scene?

pyth: "I hope to gain a lot of experience and share my experiences in Europe with my new teammates. I know that we will learn much from each other so this will be something new for me that I needed."


We saw you give an interview for in August 2014 where you stated you were nowhere "close to your peak." Do you feel that since that time that you have continued to grow?

pyth: "Oh yeah definitely, I have improved so much since these times and I've learned a lot of things. I want to thank all my former teammates for having a really good time together, it was really fun to play with them. "


This change means that Luminosity's line-up is now:


 Erik "fl0m" Flom
 Todd "anger" Williams
 Jacob "pyth" Mourujärvi
 Alexander "LeX" Deily
 Arya "arya" Hekmat

 Carey "frozt" Kertenian (back-up)