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QPAD King of Nordic with $6,000

QPAD have organised a weekly King of the Hill tournament between Nordic countries with $500 and other prizes on offer each week, for a total of $6,000 over the tournament's duration.


The $6,000 QPAD King of Nordic online series is in cooperation with numerous Scandinavian organisations and will see weekly finals occurring Tuesday at 19:00 on

Four teams from the main Nordic regions (Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland) will compete to attain first place each week; the first placed team receives $500 as well as additional gear, and stays atop the hill for next week's competition to ultimately challenge.

On Mondays at 20:00, two teams will face off to determine who will play the losing finalist from the past week. The winner of this match will then take on "The King of the Hill" each Tuesday.


SandeN is currently represeting Denmark in the King of Nordic #2 final (photo


The first phase began April 28th (and the grand final for the King of Nordic #2 is currently ongoing) and the first six weeks of contention will continue until June 13th. After a summer break period, the remaining six weeks will play out from August 4th onward.

The map-pool is interestingly composed of only four maps: de_dust2, de_cache, de_inferno and de_mirage.

More information about each week's matches can be found on King of Nordic's Facebook page as well as on our hot matches panel at the beginning of each week.