Update from 30.04.2018
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QuickShot Arena #2 teams revealed

Team Kinguin and E-frag.net are amongst the participants for the second Quickshot Arena tournament.

After a successful first edition, the organisers of the $2,000 Quickshot Arena tournament series are back with another cup, this time with bigger teams in contention.

Team Kinguin, E-frag.net, KILLERFISH and Dobry Gaming will be competing in a double-elimination bracket on August 12-13 for the chance to win the first prize, set at $1,500.


Kinguin to compete in QuickShot Arena #2 (photo hltv.org)


All matches will be streamed live on Quickshot Arena's Dingit channel, with the casters due to be announced soon.

Below you can find the complete schedule for the tournament:

Wednesday, August 12 
18:15  Dobry Gaming vs.  E-frag.net
20:30  Team Kinguin vs.  KILLERFISH
22:45 Lower Bracket Round 1
Thursday, August 13
18:15 Upper Bracket Final
20:30 Lower Bracket Final
22:45 Grand Final

QuickShot Arena #2 prize distribution:

1. $1,500
2. $500 


Source: HLTV.org