Update from 30.04.2018
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RGN Pro Series EU reaches playoffs

The group stage for the RGN Pro Series in Europe has ended, with eight teams advancing to the playoffs bracket.


After several weeks of play, the RGN Pro Series has seen its group stage terminate and eight eventual teams advance to the playoffs of the $10,000 series. A few notable lineups failed to advance, such as SK, Team Acer, PENTA and both LDLC outfits.

Group C in particular was closely fought, and a series of tiebreakers had to be played before the eventual advancing teams emerged: dignitas and Epsilon.


 dignitas emerged from a Group C that went to tiebreakers (photo hltv.org)


The playoffs will run in a double elimination, best-of-three format. Advancing teams include:

 Gamers2  Space Soldiers
 LGB  1337
 dignitas  PiTER
 GPlay  Epsilon


Brackets for the playoffs can be found here. The first match already took place yesterday with the Norwegians of LGB triumphing over Jonatan "Devilwalk" Lundberg's 1337 team.

The prize-pool breakdown for the $10,000 online portion of the EU Pro Series is as follows:


1. - $7,000
2. - $2,000
3. - $1,000 


As previously mentioned, the top five teams from the Pro Series will advance to the $30,000 Championship where they will meet the top five teams from North America.


Source: HLTV.org