Update from 30.04.2018
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RGN Pro Series groups drawn

The group draw has taken place for both the European and North American divisions of the upcoming RGN Pro Series.


With a total of $50,000 on the line—$10,000 for each division of the Pro Series and $30,000 in an eventual offline championship—the RGN Pro Series will bring together premier talents across both regions.

The European Pro Series will run from mid-May through June whereas the North American Pro Series will run from June to early July. A final schedule is in the making.

Although matches continue to take place in the EU Closed Qualifiers for a slice of the qualifier's prize-pool, all five teams have successfully qualified via the bracket: namely, Space Soldiers, Acer, PiTER and both the LDLC Blue & White squads.


kHRYSTAL and Team Acer qualify for the RGN Pro Series (photo hltv.org)


As such, groups have been drawn for the EU Pro Series and are as follows:


Group A Group B Group C Group D
 Property  CPH Wolves  ENCORE  LGB eSports
 AlienTech.Black  PiTER  dignitas  LDLC White
 x6tence  GPlay  Epsilon  Space Soldiers
 Gamers2  PENTA Sports  LDLC Blue  Acer



Groups will follow a GSL-style, best-of-one format with the top two teams advancing to the best-of-three, double-elimination online playoffs, from which five final teams will advance to the $30,000 RGN Pro Series Championship.

The group draw has also taken place in North America—although two teams remain to qualify from an upcoming 24-team closed qualifier—the groups are as follows:


Group A Group B Group C Group D
 Luminosity  CLG  affNity  Nihilum
 Tempo  Tempo Storm  Liquid  vVv Gaming
 Method  mouseSpaz  LunatiK  Keyd Stars
 Cloud9  Qual. 2nd place  eLevate  Qual. 1st place


The North American division will follow the same format as the European division, and five final teams will move on to the Pro Series Championship.

All the Pro Series action will be viewable over at azubu.tv/goRGNtv as well as at the organisation's sister channel azubu.tv/goRGNtv2.

The first match of the EU Pro Series will kick off Monday, May 18th, with PiTER squaring off against CPH Wolves at 19:00.


Source: HLTV.org