Update from 30.04.2018
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RGN Pro Series' with $50k

With qualifiers for the RGN Pro Series in Europe drawing to an end, RGN have announced a total of $50,000 up for grabs in both upcoming Pro Series, with the North American edition to occur in June.


The announcement for a $10,000 Pro Series in Europe marked only the beginning of RGN's overall plans for their Pro Series format.

For the European RGN Pro Series, a total of sixteen teams will be involved: seven via invite, four via their placings in the two Intercontinentals, and the final five via the ongoing closed qualifiers.


dignitas are one of the invited teams for the EU Pro Series (photo hltv.org)


With the qualifiers currently nearing completion, a more updated team list for the EU Pro Series is now available. Some teams such as Orbit, who won the first Intercontinental and have since disbanded, have had their place taken by other teams:


Invited Intercontinentals Qualifier
 dignitas  Gamers2  TBA
 LGB eSports  GPlay  TBA
 Property  Epsilon  TBA
 ENCORE  x6tence (take Orbit's place)  TBA
 PENTA Sports    TBA
 CPH Wolves    


In addition, a $10,000 North American Pro Series is planned for June, however qualification for this series will be based on an invite basis and via a 24-team upcoming closed qualifier (rather than the RGN Spring Classic currently taking place in North America).

Confirmed teams for the NA Pro Series so far are:


Invited Qualifier
 Cloud9  TBA
 eLevate  TBA
 Tempo Storm  
 Paradox (ex-Fenix)  
 Tempo Gaming  


The format of both Pro Series in Europe and North America will be four groups with four teams in each group. Teams will play each other in a round-robin format and the top two teams from each bracket will advance to eight team playoffs.


Skadoodle will don Cloud9's colours for the NA Pro Series (photo hltv.org)


Skadoodle will don Cloud9's colours for the NA Pro Series

The prize distributions for the $10,000 Pro Series are:


1. - $7,000
2. - $2,000
3. - $1,000 


Finally, it has now been revealed that the top five teams from each region's Pro Series will be invited to take part in a $30,000 RGN Pro Series Championship at a future date.

The Pro Series Championship will be offline and more information such as location, prizepool breakdown and final invites will appear as they are made available. Current qualifier action can be followed at azubu.tv/goRGNtv.


Source: HLTV.org