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RGN Spring Classic NA announced

RGN have announced an online tournament for the North American region, titled the "Spring Classic."

With yesterday's announcement of RGN's plans to run qualifiers for a $10k European Pro Series still fresh in the memory, the organisation have now also announced a North American online tournament which will run in tandem to the Pro Series qualifiers.

Following RGN's Winter Classic, the Spring Classic will be the second of RGN's seasoned-themed events, with future plans to run a summer and fall series.

The Spring Classic will work much like the previous iterations of RGN's tournaments, using CEVO's server support, a CEVO map-pool, and a double elimination format with a best-of-three upper bracket and best-of-one lower bracket.


nitr0's Liquid are waiting grand finalists at the Intercontinental II; but a new NA RGN event already looms photo


Registration for the tournament is now open (and can be found on this page) and will remain so until Sunday, April 19th 11:59 PST. The entry fee is $100 per team (or $20 per player), if at least 32 teams register, RGN have committed to upping the total prize-pool by $1000.

The prize-pool breakdown is as follows (with a possible increase depending on the total team registrations, as well as the abovementioned addition by RGN if 32 teams register):


1. - $1,000 & qualify for NA edition of RGN Pro Series
2. - $600 & qualify for NA edition of RGN Pro Series
3. - $400


The mention of a Pro Series in North America presumably also foretells of upcoming plans to run a $10,000 RGN Pro Series in the near future in the NA region.

Unlike the EU region, where de_cbble was confirmed as replacing de_season in the map-pool for the RGN qualifiers, the RGN Spring Classic will include the latter map in its map rotation, meaning a map-pool of:


de_season (new)


The event will run from April 20th-May 7th, 2015. A tentative schedule is included below:


Upper Bracket Date Match Times
Round 1 April 20th 03:00
Round 2 April 22nd 03:00
Round 3 April 26th 03:00
Round 4 April 28th 03:00
Round 5 April 30th 03:00
Upper Bracket Finals May 4th 03:00
Grand Finals May 7th 03:00
Lower Bracket    
BYE Round April 21st 03:00
Round 1 April 23rd 03:00
Round 2 April 26th 03:00
Round 3 April 27th 03:00
Round 4 April 28th 03:00
Round 5 April 29th 03:00
Round 6 April 30th 03:00
Round 7 May 3rd 03:00
Round 8 May 4th 03:00
Lower Bracket Finals May 5th 03:00


The event will be covered by RGN at To register teams can use the link included here.