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RGN with $10k Pro Series Qualifiers

RGN's plans to expand into Europe continue to grow with the annoucement of a closed qualifier for an upcoming $10,000 Invitational which will be called the "RGN Pro Series EU."

Today will see both the Upper Final between Gplay and x6tence as well as round 8 of the Lower Bracket play out in RGN's Intercontinental II tournament series in Europe.

With the winner a few matches from being decided, RGN have nevertheless wasted no time in declaring a closed qualifier for a $10,000 Invitational for Europe, marking their sixth tournament series so far.


pyth's Orbit, as winners of the first RGN Intercontinental, will be in the Pro Series photo


The $10,000 RGN Pro Series EU will feature sixteen teams, of which ten will be invited, four will qualify from their 1st and 2nd place finishes in RGN's two European Intercontinentals, and two will qualify via the aforementioned closed qualifier.

As for the closed qualifier, it will run from April 20th to May 3rd with server support from CEVO. Sixteen teams will fight through a best-of-three upper bracket and a best-of-one lower bracket to attain the top two spots.

Additionally, the first place team will receive $500.


kHRYSTAL's Acer will be one of the teams looking to qualify for the RGN Pro Series photo


A few participating teams in the qualifier are already confirmed and they are:
 CPLAY  CAZ eSports
 myXMG  fm-eSports
 Acer  LDLC White
 Reason  melty
 rizeGaming  PiTER
 Lions  k1ck
 3rd place in RGN Intrcntl. II  LDLC Blue


The map-pool for the qualifier will be based on CEVO's official map-pool, meaning:




A schedule for the qualifier is in the works, and while tentative, can be found below:


Upper Bracket Date Match Times
Round 1 April 20th 21:00
Round 2 April 22nd 21:00
Round 3 April 26th 21:00
Upper Bracket Finals April 28th 21:00
Grand Finals May 3rd 21:00
Lower Bracket    
Round 1 April 21st 21:00
Round 2 April 23rd 21:00
Round 3 April 26th 21:00
Round 4 April 27th 21:00
Round 5 April 28th 21:00
Round 6 April 29th 21:00
Lower Bracket Finals April 30th 21:00


The qualifier will be covered by More information about the RGN Pro Series EU Invitational will be published as teams and dates are confirmed.

*UPDATE* As of 22:10 CET, k1ck, Lions and LDLC Blue have also been added to the confirmed teams in the qualifier. de_season has been replaced with de_cbble for European play. The final team is pending on the consolidation final tomorrow in the RGN Intercontinental II.