Update from 30.04.2018
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Rising Tornado weekly with $500

Following Andrey "MPKBK" Ermakov's difficulties with running a continuous league, CIS Rising's format was changed to $500 six-team tournaments taking place on a regular basis.


The last CIS Rising was played in a regular league system, where a total of 10 teams were placed in a single round robin group, played in a best-of-three, with a best-of-three single elimination bracket afterwards.

For the current season though, the main organizer Ermakov had to switch up the system due to other commitments and projects, including managing PiTER and organizing a couple of local LAN events.


"I ran into difficulties in conducting the league, when I decided to work on several projects. At first it was a trip with the team, PiTER, then organization of the first CIS Championship. And the tournament was again incredibly stretched." Ermakov explained to HLTV.org.


"I decided to go to the weekly tournaments format. So I could take pauses between them for larger events. I apologize to all the spectators, who were waiting for decoupling of the second season! I hope you enjoy the new format!"


This season's system will feature weekly $500 tournaments with six teams placed in two best-of-one groups, followed up by a double elimination bracket with two top teams from each group.

Because of a new sponsor, Tornado Energy, the name of these tournaments was also changed to Rising Tornado. The first tournament will feature the following teams:


 TSY*  New Era
 Phenomenon   Evolution

* TSY are not confirmed yet


Winners of the tournament will take $400 of the prizemoney, leaving second with $100. The first tournament will kick off tomorrow with the six teams shown above, the group stage will be played from Tuesday-Friday, while the playoff will take place throughout the weekend.


Source: HLTV.org