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Road to ESL One Katowice 2015 begins today!

The road to the first major event of this year begins today. 


All qualifiers will be held today, semifinal matches will be played on the maps bo3 and winner of the match will go on LAN qualifications (February 14-15 (Katowice)), where there is already teams such as:


● Epsilon (GMX,fxy0,Uzzziii,ScreaM,B1GGY) - invited team
● Titan (Ex6TenZ,apEX,kennyS,Maniac,RpK) - invited team
● ESC Gaming (SZPERO,MINISE,innocent,rallen,mouz) - invited team
● dignitas (Pimp,Kjaerbye,aizy,Nico,FeTiSh) - invited team