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Rock, Property top DH Tours qual.

The second online pre-qualifier for DreamHack Open Tours has come to an end, with Rock and and Property moving on to the next stage.


Over 200 teams from all over Europe took part in the second online pre-qualifier for DreamHack Open Tours, hosted by FACEIT, with hopes of getting their hands on one of the two spots in the closed qualifier that were up for the taking.

Teams like nEophyte, Gamers2, fm-eSports and x6tence all fell short of breaking into the top eight in this pre-qualifier as surprising results from start to finish sent predictions off course.


bodito's Rock through to closed qualifier photo


Rock, featuring former volgare member Patrik "bodito" Boda, finished in the top two after an impressive journey that included victories over teams like Gamers2, AlienTech and Vination Tt. The Hungarian side will be joined in the closed qualifiers by Property, who beat the likes of LDLC White and CPLAY en route to the final.

The closed qualifier for DreamHack Open Tours will kick off on Monday, with eight teams - the two finalists of both pre-qualifiers and four invited sides - squaring off for two places at the French event.

Below you can find the teams that will take part in the closed qualifier:


 FlipSid3 Tactics  HellRaisers
 LDLC White  LGB eSports