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Roomonfire to cast DH Open circuit

DreamHack has announced that Roomonfire duo Anders Blume and Auguste "Semmler" Massonnat will be casting at the events that comprise the Open circuit.

Until the end of the year, DreamHack will be hosting seven events across Europe with CS:GO as an official title, with $50,000 on offer at every stop.

The first one will be the French event, in Tours, from May 9-10, while the event circuit will come to a close with DreamHack Winter, which could potentially turn out to be a major.

Anders and Semmler to cast DH Open circuit 

Anders Blume and Auguste "Semmler" Massonnat have now reached an agreement to cast the entire Open circuit, even though that does not necessarily mean that that the bigger events, such as the Summer and Winter tournaments, will be limited to a two-person panel.

"Anders and Semmler have been two key figures helping to support the CS:GO scene to become the titan it is today," says Michael Van Driel, Project manager for DreamHack Open

"We’re very excited to be working with them to continue to deliver the most engaging CS:GO broadcasts throughout 2015."

Below you can find the full dates for the events that will comprise DH Open's 2015 tour:

  •  DreamHack Tours – May 9-10 (May 8 BYOC Qualifier)
  •  DreamHack Summer – June 15-16 (June 14 BYOC Qualifier)
  •  DreamHack Valencia – July 17-18 (July 16 BYOC Qualifier)
  •  DreamHack Stockholm – September 25-26 (No BYOC Qualifier)
  •  DreamHack London – TBA
  •  DreamHack Cluj – October 31-November 1 (No BYOC Qualifier)
  •  DreamHack Winter – November 26-28