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Savage returns to CS:GO

After retiring in early 2013, one of China's most decorated CS players Bin "Savage" Liu is marking his return to the scene by enlisting in pow's roster.

Bin "Savage" Liu announced his retirement in early 2013 around the same time that famous Chinese organisation TyLoo decided to embrace CS:GO as a game of potential.

The 1.6 hotshot had helped build TyLoo's fearsome reputation among Western teams as a definite contender at any event they attended and he brought an unprecedented level of firepower to the table to prove his claim.


Savage wants to make a splash in the East Asian CS:GO scene photo


Although Liu's claims of retirement were never truly wholehearted, as he was seen months later near the end of 2013 competing in the MSI Beat it! China qualifiers in a team called New4, he promptly disappeared off the map in the following year.

And while TyLoo no longer represent the top-dogs of Chinese Counter-Strike, with the honour going to pow who were last seen attending ESWC 2014 after winning their country's qualifiers, Liu is now continuing to showcase his inherent ambition by joining up with the aforementioned pow.

In what is apparently his first time playing CS:GO competitively,Liu will play with former 1.6 TyLoo teammate Bingyuan "tb" Li in this new venture. This change means that pow's line-up is now as follows:

 NuoZhou "Vgo" Zhang
 Tianqi "ed101" Han
 Bingyuan "tb" Li
 Bin "Savage" Liu
 ZhaoHeng "813" Yu