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Sententia Mortis come to life

A new international team called Sententia Mortis has been created, featuring players from the Nordic and the UK scenes.

The possibility of an international line-up succeeding on a top level is one of the hottest topics in the CS:GO scene right now, after a report from revealed that Mikail "Maikelele" Bill andAdil "ScreaM" Benrlitom are building a team with players from four different countries.

Former LGB member Andreas "Maxaki" Andersson is also out to prove that sacrificing communication to have a bigger pool to choose from could be the way to go as he has linked up with two players from Denmark, one from Norway and one from the United Kingdom.


COLON joins a new international team (photo


From Denmark come Martin "percy" Wessel and Morten "COLON" Johansen, two players who were in attendance at Copenhagen Games earlier in the month with FONA and puta, respectively.Kenneth "REASTEN" Kristiansen, formerly of Alchemists and, has also been brought in after a brief spell in schlaegeros.

Rounding out the line-up is one of the most experienced players in the UK scene, George "hudzG" Hoskins, who was a free agent after leaving Infused earlier in the week. 


"The CS:GO scene is exploding and it's getting harder and harder to stay on a high level due to the massive competition from other great teams," Andersson told


"It's not an easy task to break through and truly become a great team, but we feel excited and confident about the future.


"Our goal is to compete with the best, though, our expectations for the first first couple of months are not too high, since our goal is to steadily improve and get used to calling in English.


"Right now it's time for us to play as much as possible and be ready for all tournaments that come up.


"We have a couple of interesting offers from organisations already, but we have not agreed to anything yet and are open for proposals. I can be reached at [email protected]"



The community remains skeptical about teams with many players who do not communicate in their native language, but Anderssonbelieves that this will become a trend in CS:GO.


"We believe that international teams are something that will be more popular in the future, since the pool of talent is so spread out," he explained.


"This is happening in other e-sports already. We are willing prove that international teams are here to stay."




Sententia Mortis' line-up consists of:


 Andreas "Maxaki" Andersson
 Morten "COLON" Johansen
 Martin "percy" Wessel 
 Kenneth "REASTEN" Kristiansen
 George "hudzG" Hoskins