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Skyred win Rising Stars Asia #1

The Vietnamese side win the $2,000 online tournament titled "Rising Stars Asia #1," triumphing over TyLoo in the grand final 2-0.

Rising Stars Asia is a $2,000 venture into the Asian continent by, meant to highlight some of the best teams from that region. The event was sponsored by GIGABYTE and ran from April 17-19.

Teams from China, Vietnam, Indonesia and Malaysia fought it out in a single-elimination bracket, however it was the Vietnamese Skyred who advanced through an all-Chinese side of the bracket to reach the grand final, where TyLoo was waiting.


Skyred's cLb played like a monster in the grand finals photo


The famed organisation TyLoo were no match for the Vietnamese in the grand final with fraggers Vu "cLb" Hoang Nguyen and Ngoc "Zac" Thien Nguyen in particular delivering monstrous performances.

Although de_dust2 finished in Skyred's favour with a respectable 16:11 scoreline, TyLoo looked particularly vulnerable to Skyred's aggression on de_cache (losing frequent ecos for example), and the map ended with a 16:3 dominanace in Skyred's favour

The final prize-pool breakdown following this grand final is therefore:

1.  Skyred - $1,500
2.  TyLoo - $500

With signs of resurgence in the Asian CS:GO scene as of late (and the Chinese pow were notably absent from this tournament), stay posted to for upcoming tournaments and results from every region where CS:GO plays out.