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SKYTTEN returns in TSK

Alexander "SKYTTEN" Carlsson has announced his return to activity in a new team called TSK.

The Swedish player has been out of action since being dropped by Team Kinguin, who would go on to sign Dennis "dennis" Edman, formerly of SK Gaming and LGB eSports.

After roughly two months on the sidelines, Alexander "SKYTTEN" Carlsson has now decided to return to activity in a team called TSK together with two former Orbit teammates, Fredrik "roque" Honak and Max "maxie" Lönnström.


SKYTTEN reunites with two ex-Orbit teammates 



Rounding out the roster are two up-and-coming players in the Swedish scene, Daniel "DomiNate" Garcia, formerly of Exertus and, and Jonas "Lekr0" Olofsson, who helped Decerto to finish second in ESEA Main.


"Today is a great day as I'm officially in a team again after a small break from CS," Carlsson told


"It's with maximum motivation me and my new team TSK is stepping into the scene.


"We have high expectations on ourselves and I'm sure we'll be able to provide results even in the early phase. We have already recieved a promising offer but we're still open for suggestions.


"Feel free to contact us at [email protected]"


TSK's roster consists of:

 Alexander "SKYTTEN" Carlsson
 Fredrik "roque" Honak
 Max "maxie" Lönnström
 Daniel "DomiNate" Garcia 
 Jonas "Lekr0" Olofsson