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SLTV.selectah win VP Staff Cup #2

SLTV.selectah secured first place in the Staff Cup #2 following a 2-1 victory over's Staff (de_cache 16-6, de_mirage 14-16, de_inferno 16-9).


Last weekend the second edition of Staff Cup #2 kicked off with the group stage with a total of 32 teams consisting of members of different local or global websites, including a couple of Americans from CS:GO subreddit and

Interestingly enough NiP Staff, who fielded Joona "natu" Leppänenas one of their players, didn't make it past the group stage, but numerous teams from ex-CIS did, as well as's own lineup.


sL4M and company win Staff Cup #2 (photo


Yesterday the double-elimination best-of-one bracket started and it was and SLTV.selectah, who got all the way up to the winner bracket final, where our lineup led by Tomi "lurppis" Kovanen prevailed 2-1 and reached the grand final.

Meanwhile, in the lower bracket Game Show, including New Era's Vasiliy "FANAT ROCKA" Trusov, made their way to the consolidation final through teams such as and, although they once again failed to go through SLTV.selectah.

The grand final saw a rematch of the winner bracket final between and SLTV.selectah, but this time it was the Ukrainian-Russian mixture, who showed up in better form and secured $5,000 as the first place prize, leaving second with $2,500. Staff Cup #2 final standings:


1.  SLTV.selectah Staff - $5,000
2. Staff - $2,500
3.  Game Show - $1,500
4. Staff - $1,000
5-6.  SLTV Staff - $500
5-6. Staff - $500