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Streamline win CGPL 3 finals

Streamline won the CyberGamer Premier League 3 offline finals after beating Immunity 2-0 in the final (16-12 on de_mirage and de_dust2).

Held at the Australian Technology Park, in Sydney, the offline finals of CyberGamer Premier League 3 featured the top four sides of the regular season, who faced off for the first prize of 3,500 AUD (approximately $2,670).

The most notable absentee from the event was Vox Eminor, who pulled out of the tournament last month to focus on rebuilding their team after parting ways with Azad "topguN" Orami.


ferg's Streamline win national event photo


Immunity, who recently qualified for the FACEIT Globals Finals on a perfect 5-0 record, reached the tournament decider after moving past The Chiefs in a close three-map encounter. From the other side of the bracket came Fergus "ferg" Stephenson's Streamline, who saw off AVANT GARDE on two maps, the first of which went to overtime.

The grand final was keenly contested from start to finish, but in the end Streamline ran out 2-0 winners after picking up 16-12 victories on de_mirage and de_dust2.


CyberGamer Premier League 3 final standings:

1.  Streamline (~$2670)
2.  Immunity (~$1140)
3.  The Chiefs (~$570)
4.  AVANT GARDE (~$190)