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styko leaves nEophyte

Martin "styko" Styk left nEophyte after a disappointing run at Copenhagen Games, the Slovakian player announced on Facebook.

nEophyte has since its inception been the number one team on the Czech-Slovakian scene, as they won all the biggest local events, most notably the 2014 Czech Championship and BenQ Grunex Challenge.

They decided to take the next step and attend an international LAN as Copenhagen Games handed them an invite, which has concluded on Sunday with coming out victorious.


styko no longer part of nEophyte photo


Martin "styko" Styk and company were pitted against CPLAY, FlipSid3 and, but they failed to beat both the Danes despite the young talent's heroics on de_inferno (29-9 K-D after the first half), and the CIS-based team later on.

Due to that, they started the playoffs in the lower bracket, where they met Iceland's malefiQ in a best-of-one and got eliminated in last place.

Shortly afterwards, Styk announced his departure from the team on his Facebook page, where he only posted this, making room for rumours:


"I am no longer part of nEophyte. Something ends, something begins."


It remains to be seen who nEophyte will bring in instead, but a question mark is flying over Tomáš "oskar" Šťastný's head, who has been trying to come back to active duty for a while.

Until further announcement, nEophyte are:


 Peter "uno" Lipowski
 Patrik "zeRo" Žúdel
 Tomáš "barb1" Hradek
 Martin "giotive" Brumerčík


Whether Styk's comment on something else beginning means he will focus on other things in life, such as his upcoming graduation from high school, or the possibility of a new team remains to be seen.