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sukitRon completes x6tence roster

x6tence have announced that they have completed their CS:GO lineup with the permanent addition of Arturo "sukitRon" Gil.

The Venezuelan player returned from a six-month break just two weeks ago to fill in for x6tence at GGCUP following the departure of Christian "loWel" Garcia Antoran on the eve of the tournament.

Despite being out of shape, Arturo "sukitRon" Gil turned in an MVP performance in the grand final of the event to help x6tence topple domestic rivals Epsilon by a 2-1 scoreline.


sukitRon joins x6tence (photo hltv.org)


After also playing for x6tence as a substitute in CEVO Professional and in the Counter Pit League Qualifier, Gil has now been handed a permanent spot on the team, who will be looking to return to the level which carried them through their title-winning campaign at i54, last month.


"I stopped playing in September against my will, I started a company and enrolled in a master's program at the same time, so I really needed to focus on that," Gil told HLTV.org.


"However, in three weeks I will be done with my master's and will have time again.


"I was approached by x6tence the day before SocialNat and I instantly knew this was it. I have wanted to play for x6tence since I moved to Spain in 2005.


"It sure took long enough, but here am I. No more suffering watching events from home. Let's go!"


x6tence now have the following lineup:

 Jonathan "MusambaN1" Torrent
 Antonio "FlipiN" Rivas del Rey
 David "Kairi" de Miguel
 Juan "meisoN" Carlos Chacón
 Arturo "sukitRon" Gil


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Source: HLTV.org