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Teams for 99Damage Arena #5 out has revealed the full list of participants for its Arena Cup #5.

Earlier in the week, announced that it will give away $135,000 until the end of the year across three online tournament seasons, the first of which scheduled to start this month already.

Each season will begin with five Arena cups and culminate with a Masters, featuring the four teams that amassed the most points during the Arena stages plus four seeded sides.

Below you can find an infographic that will help you explain the prize and point distribution for each Arena cup:




The first Arena Cup of the season, the fifth overall held by, will take place from April 15-16 and feature two of Germany's strongest sides, PENTA Sports and Playing Ducks, in addition to i54 winner, x6tence.

Below you can see how the match-ups look like:


Wednesday, April 15
18:00 Match #1  x6tence vs.  Space Soldiers $500
20:30 Match #2 Winner Match #1 vs.  Playing Ducks
Thursday, April 16
18:00 Match #3 Winner Match #2 vs.  CPH Wolves
20:30 Match #4 Winner Match #3 vs.  PENTA Sports