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Teams for Gaming Paradise qual. revealed has revealed the full list of participants for the offline qualifier for The Gaming Paradise.


Thirty-two teams will be pitting their wits this weekend at Trg Nikole Pasica, a square located in the centre of Belgrade, with hopes of getting their hands on the highly-coveted spot at The Gaming Paradise, a festival that will feature a $50,000 CS:GO tournament.

The majority of the teams in attendance hail from Serbia, but there will also be a couple of foreign teams travelling to Belgrade, including GPlay and ROCK. Property and Epsilon had initially signed up for the tournament but ended up cancelling their attendance. 


bodito's Rock to attend Gaming Paradise qualifier (photo


The Gaming Paradise qualified will be played in a double-elimination bracket, with the Round of 32 and the entire Lower Bracket using a best-of-one format, whereas the remaining matches will feature a best-of-three system. The winner of the qualifier will secure a spot at the Slovenian event and will get travel and accomodation support by

Below you can find the Round of 32 match-ups:


 iNation vs.  Stari Grad
 Play.srb vs.  Alkosi
 Bad influence vs.  Mi smo ekipa
 Magic vs.  KBP
 RB vs.  wsl
 Faithin vs.  Jezivi Silveri
 Mandrilz vs.  Royalz
 mte vs.  ROCK
 GPlay vs.  confirmed
 MOD vs.  Baipa
 Invicus vs.  R5
 Vjeverice vs.  KOH
 Wrecking Gaming vs.  Virtual Force
 Relax vs.  Gameagents
 drvosece vs.  Forge
 ectasy vs.  TBD