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Tempo Storm add hades

Warren "hades" Rettich has found a new home in the organisation Tempo Storm, replacing Max "Assailant" Gallagher.


Earlier this month it was announced that Canadian player and longtime Luminosity teammate Warren "hades" Rettich was replaced by Arya "arya" Hekmat, following a tough period within the team itself.


Rettich has quickly found himself a new home however in the Tempo Storm team, who were until recently known as Ascendancy and bookmarked as one of North America's fastest rising talents squad-wise.



sLip and his teammates welcome hades to their company photo



It was that reputation and an undefeated streak in the ESEA Premier division that led Tempo Storm to sign the up-and-coming Ascendancy on the first of April.


This roster change leaves Tempo Storm's roster as:


 Ronnie "ryx" Bylicki
 Peter "stanislaw" Stanislaw
 Warren "hades" Rettich
 Mitch "glorinsz" MacInnis
 Ricky "sLip" Cohen