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TRICKED pick up volgare

The former volgare team has found a new home in TRICKED, the organization announced on their website.

The first and, for the time being, last time we have seen volgare at an international LAN was ASUS ROG Winter 2014, where the team managed to qualify and make a name for themselves despite going out in the group stage at the tournament itself.

Since then they have participated in numerous online leagues and qualifiers, including the GamePlan Pro League, RGN Intercontinental II and the ESL One Katowice European qualifier.

FoDa and company move on to TRICKED


Today the team moves on to a new home in a Danish organization called TRICKED eSport, who previously had Casper "cadiaN" Møller's squad to their name in the first half of 2014.


"From today, we will have the perfect support to improve ourselves and our gameplay and reach our biggest goal; a major tournament. We are very excited to be part of Tricked eSport." Viktor "FLASH" Bea said in a statement at
"We are aware of what we'll need to do and improve on in order to become a top tier team, and with this environment it will be so much easier!"


TRICKED boast the following lineup:

 Viktor "flash" Tamás Bea
 Gábor "gabesson" Málovics
 Dániel "FoDa" Fodor
 Alexander "rmL" Kancsev
 Arnold "NEY" Kiss


Later today TRICKED will take part in the CEVO S7 Placement tournament alongside FlipSid3 and Orbit.